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Mox shoes offer a range of sizes from size 34 to 43. The table below translates the typical US and EU sizes.

  Fits Foot Length
Mox Size (EU)US SizeCM
34 4 - 4.5
(Youth: 2.5)
35 5 - 5.5
(Youth: 3 - 3.5)
36 6 22.7
37 6.5 23.2
38 7 23.7
39 7.5 24.2
40 8 - 8.5 24.7
41 9 25.2
42 9.5 - 10 26.0
43 10.5 - 11 27.1

When initially fitted your Mox should feel firm. Over time your Mox will soften and mold to your foot shape.  If your foot is very wide you may be more comfortable wearing one size up from your normal European shoe size.

If you decide to measure your foot length, please to stand with your feet shoulder width apart and weight evenly distributed. It is quite common to have two feet of different sizes so measure the larger foot. Also note that generally your feet are at their largest at the end of the day.

Further sizing suggestions:

  • Order a size up from your usual European size.
  • If you teeter between a 39 and 40 with other shoe brands, order a Mox 40.
  • If you teeter between a 40 or 41 with other shoe brands, order a Mox 41.

If after using the table above you are still unsure of your size, or your Mox size is quite different to your normal shoe size, please email customer service before placing your order and we would be happy to advise.

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